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Monday, September 7, 2009

Taste of Peru

One of my former co-workers, Julie Kilzner and her husband, Cesar Izquierdo, own a Peruvian Restuarant called Taste of Peru in Rogers Park.  She was kind enough of to invite us to eat there.  My first thought was that I'm going to be eating Peruvian the next 27 months so I need to be hitting as many Chicago-style places for pizza, beefs or dogs.  Then she said the magic words "on the house".  Went with Susan and Sam.

The place is small and kind of smells like cat piss when you first walk in (Julie explained to us that this was a freshly grown herb that they use alot).  There are pictures everywhere of celebs (including one of her husband's niece who placed 3rd in some sort of Ms. World beauty contest in China).  Diners, Dives and Drive-ins filmed there a few months ago and Guy signed the wall.  The place filled up pretty quick and a traditional Peruvian band played (I'm seeing lots of pan flutes in my future).
Food tried - Anticuchos (marinated chicken and beef hearts grilled on a skewer), Ceviche Pescado (fish marinated in lime juice with onions, corn), Aji (spicy green sauce you put on your dishes), Lomo Saltado (beef sauteed with onions with a side of rice), Arroz con Marisocs (seafood paella essentially), flan.  Food was delicious! 

The place is BYOB but Julie gave us a six pack of a Cuscena beer.  She said there were a number of them but that this was the best.  Step aside PBR your ass has just been replaced.  She also brought out a bottle of pisco but we weren't brave enough to try it. 
Don't think eating in Peru will be much of an issue in fact I can't wait to try some other things i.e. guinea pig!

If you're up on the north side of Chicago check it out Taste of Peru website

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