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Monday, September 7, 2009

Blow-out at Monsignor Murphy's

Twenty-four hours later I'm finally "well" enough to function, somewhat.  The fine folks at Monsignor Murphys, my local watering hole, threw me get the hell out of town fiesta.  The fete was organized by Alli and Adam (pictured above) who put on great parties.  Tons of people showed up from my various walks of life - work, basketball, softball, long time friends, denizens of Murphy's, etc. 
Party started about 5 and rolled on until ?  I left early because there was more than one "one last shot".  Good food, great going away cake with the Peruvian flag, a bumbling farewell speech and an all around good time.  Check out the Facebook pics.
Again, my friends here in Chicago are the best.  Chicago is the greatest city in the world and I will miss being here dearly.

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