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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch and one last walk around downtown

Went and grabbed some lunch with the boys from the shop.  The two Toms from the Risk Consulting group and Iven & Will from AVMA/PLIT.  We went to some hole in the wall called G&G on Will and Iven's recommendation.  They know food and have never steered me wrong.  Ate and laughed.  They went back to work and I took a walk around downtown one last time.
Oprah was taping the opener for her 24th season.  They closed down 5 or 6 blocks on Michigan Ave right at the river.  People had apparently waited overnight to get into the show and did they ever look miserable.  It's not all that hot out but they were penned into small areas and looked hot, hungry, thirsty and bored.
I worked in the black building in front of Big Red.

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