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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Peruvian Fireworks

Now I’m not exactly sure if the Yanacoto party was a virgin party but by the time we got there at 11:30pm, it was rocking along pretty good. It was outdoors in a little plaza like area with a dirt floor. There was a traditional band from the sierra playing their saxes and singing. Folks were dancing like they do in the sierra which looks kind of similar to native American dance, shuffling their feet and waving their arms a bit. There were other bands but I was too concerned with the beer and fireworks to notice. The beer was kind of expensive, 5 soles (<$2 for about a liter of beer).

We showed up just in time for the big moment. There were a couple of fairly good sized bulls made out of bamboo and colored paper and a castle structure made of bamboo and colorful pinwheels. These were the fireworks. A man put one of the bull frames over his head and torso, lit the fuse and started dancing around the center of the dance floor. First, fire started blowing out of its horns and then the whole thing just started shooting colored sparks all over everywhere, including the spectators who had gathered around. He did this with a couple of the bulls and then went out to the bamboo structure in the middle of the street which stood about 3 stories tall. He lit the fuse which slowly crept up the structure and set off showers of sparks, launching screaming, burning bamboo projectiles high into the air, and lighting up fiery pinwheels. Then the fire would creep up to the next level and set off the next barrage. Of course there is always the grand finale where everything went up in flames and things were launched, screaming, spinning and burning.

No one got hurt or didn’t say anything if they did. Apparently Peruvians aren’t quite as litigious as gringos.


  1. What's up Win? That looks like big fun. Look out for those bootleg fireworks, they will shoot you like a horse if you get injured.
    On a lighter note I was in Chicago last week partying with Bu and Greg. Actually partying might be an overstatement, Bu was in bed by midnight pretty much every night. We also went to a couple of Cubs games but Wrigley with no Win is pretty weak. Actually we had pretty good seats from Nicky's work for the Saturday game, Section 123 row 14, not too shabby.

  2. Sorry I missed it. I actually watched some football here at a sportsbar in Lima. Bears got their asses handed to them by the Bengals.

  3. Yeah the boys are coming out for the Bears Ravens game in December and Bu is all jazzed to buy tickets now but they are a depriciating asset so i am putting it off. Both teams may be out of the playoff race by december. Cheapity cheap.