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Sunday, October 4, 2009


I hand washed my clothes for the first time in recent memory. I’m sure I hand washed at some stage during my military service but don’t remember. Fairly unremarkable process although my back was hurting a bit after only doing about 12 pairs of underwear and socks all humped over the sink and all. Fill bucket with water, add some clothes, add some detergent, and scrub away. I did take some quality control sniffs to make sure I was doing the job right. Dump water into toilet (to flush down any renegade floaters) and fill bucket with fresh water. Rinse out clothes. Repeat with a second rinse. Always two rinses according to the old man. Wring out excess water. Waste water can also be used to clean off the dirt and dust off your shoes.

Take up to roof and hang out clothes to dry on clothes line. Turn clothes inside out so the sun doesn’t bleach them out too bad. Also a reason to turn clothes inside out is so that the Valentines Day boxers with the lipstick prints or half naked Homer Simpson in repose is not hangin’ out there for the whole family and neighbors to giggle at. I’ll remember that next time. It’s pretty dry here so the clothes dry out in one afternoon. Fold.

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