Number of People with Nothing Better to Do

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last week our technical training group went up into the sierra to look at the design, set-up and maintenance of a gravity fed water system. We took the PC combi and four-wheel drives up to a little town called Ayas and got off. Most of the group walked up to the top of the water system but since I was with bicicleta (aka – the trots, the runs, green apple skitters), I took advantage of four wheels and an engine and rode up the hill most of the way. From there, we walked up the mountain to the spring head and looked at where the water was captured and fed through the system to a reservoir. We did a maintenance checklist on the way.


  1. My day was considerably less interesting. Then I got to come home and watch the yankees win the world series. I then cried myself to sleep.

  2. Dude in that top picture you look like Ernst Beto, World famous hitman and bounty hunter. You are on a top secret mission to capture the elusive El Jackalito, trailing him to the highest mountains in South America.